Alyssa English


Nazeerah is a thoughtfully curated Egyptian textile design shop based out of Portland, Oregon. The goal of the company is to provide an avenue to revitalize the dying art form of textile design in Egypt by selling the beautiful handmade items to the rest of the world. 

The logo is a single line weight geometric abstraction designed to reference the patterns found in Egyptian textile design while paying homage to the iconic scarab and it’s underlying symbolism of growth and fertility. The lines that jut out from the tear drop shape in the middle of the design mimic energy sprouting from the heart, seed or flame.

The type is designed to be paired with the scarab and accentuates the geometric design by using the same line weight as the logo. The cross bar of the letter A mimics the bottom of the tear drop shape. The serif's that begin at the top of the letter N and branch out from the middle of the letter H evokes energetic balance. 

Nazeerah's logo references so much of ancient Egyptian culture yet at the same time maintains an elegant airy modern edge that is fresh and contemporary.