Alyssa English
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A San Diego based barbershop, Paloma is a refuge for those who want to be pampered somewhere they can let their hair down and their freak flags fly. The main principal behind Paloma is kindness and acceptance. Steering away from the typical masculine barbershop vibe, Paloma stands to be a community hub for all people.

Inspired by an eclectic mix of 60’s psychedelia, 90’s counterculture and touch of witchy-ness, Paloma’s brand reflects the radical and iconoclasts in our society. Andrew Lee, founder of Paloma doesn’t take himself too seriously and he doesn’t want you to either. Part of self care is the freedom to be yourself and that’s exactly what he wants for his clients when they sit in his chair.  

Paloma’s logo is almost a talisman of sorts. Borrowing imagery from Wicca and Astrology and set on a psychedelic pattern, it symbolizes peace, energy, growth and creativity.