Alyssa English
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SIMPLIFY | CURATE is a Portland based decluttering, organizing and interior design business with an eco–conscious core. Sarah, the founder of S | C, encourages less consumerism by guiding clients to declutter and organize their personal space while repurposing what they already own. Her clients end up with a refreshed space that emphasizes their personal and unique style.

Sarah’s business is committed to helping people live with less plastic and less waste. She embraces the beauty of wabi–sabi aesthetic and pairs it with skilled, common sense organization to create a space that, simply put, feels good.

SIMPLIFY | CURATE is an environmentally conscious company, and her branding reflects how the organic movement and colors of nature can be an alternative to organization via plastic bins and monochrome minimalism. The paintings I created for S | C ’s branding are inspired by the way stones reflect color as they catch light, celebrating the unpredictable, imperfect and unique beauty in nature. True personal style doesn’t look like a catalog, it is a curation of the things we find beautiful.